Confidently Capture And Win Those High-Value Accounts!

About Vernon Brokke

Vernon Brokke is The Most Trusted Authority To Sales Leaders Focused On Winning Large & Complex Accounts. For decades, he’s been focused on the growth of companies he works with, whether they’re IBM, Cisco, emerging enterprises or the individual franchises he’s owned.

Vernon has served as senior account and team sales manager for some of the most well-known technology companies in the country over the last four decades including IBM, Juniper and Cisco.

If you’re a sales leader in your organization who is responsible for managing and securing multimillion-dollar complex sales opportunities, when you get in front of a decision-maker, they’re usually impressed with you and the solutions you have to offer.

Oftentimes however, sales skills alone aren’t enough to manage and win large and complex multimillion-dollar accounts. Vernon Brokke has made it his mission to help sales leaders make the shift from tactical to strategic thinking necessary to land large accounts.

In Mastering Large Sales Opportunities, Vernon Brokke reveals the 10 blind spots every sales leader must know to ensure they capture and win those high-value accounts.